Red Ninja Tech Start-up brand and identity

Creating a bold and personal technology brand

Red Ninja are a design and technology company who create innovative technology solutions within health, social, transport and retail sectors.

Japanese tapestry of values

Re-branding a mobile technology company

Red Ninja was formed in 2011 with a strong focus on mobile games; by 2013 it had broadened its remit and required a relevant identity. Inspired by three away days with the team, a shared vision was created from peoples individual and collective ambitions, defining six shared company values; Empower, Family, Fun, Innovate, Integrity and Social.

As Red Ninja’s Senior Designer, it was my job to re-brand and re-imagine the studio’s identity. I was keen to move away from the original ‘ninja’ theme which felt at odds with our new values. Simplifying the logo allowed me to envisage a ‘tapestry of values’ that would embody Red Ninja’s ethos and our aspiration to create a unique brand within the technology industry. We commissioned Liverpool illustrator Ilan Sheady to bring the concept alive from my original sketches.

Custom lettering
Red Ninja Icon
Brand guidelines
Red Ninja Brand Guidelines 2
Brand values
Red Ninja Brand Guidelines 2
Brand statement on glass
Promotional magazine design for tech start-up
Red Ninja Collateral
Sticker design
Business card design for tech start-up

A personal technology brand

The traditional illustration style aims to challenge typical expectations of technology companies, by putting people at its heart. Juxtaposing the very human values and vision of the business (and its partners), embodying the experience and knowledge of the past, with Red Ninjas future ambitions.

From stationary to video, I produced and oversaw all Red Ninja’s output to ensure a consistent identity across platforms, including art directing the team photo shoot alongside photographer Nina Bihi and creative Andrew Beattie. The next phase of the new brand, was to design and develop a new website. A website case study is coming soon, in the meantime you can view the site at